Little Winter Mousemaking for the Holidays

Cooking mouse.png

There are lots of different ways of getting ready for the holidays. Some people bake, some people sing, some people love wrapping and giving presents.  If you’re a toymaker,  you just have to make toys for the winter celebrations. And if you’re me, you’re happiest when you’re sharing the skills of the simple crafts of making little animals from the scrapbasket.

So in the holiday spirit, I offered a workshop at Ragfinery in Bellingham last Saturday to make “Little Winter Mice” from upcycled fabrics, using the craftdesignworks pattern for the Mouse Family finger puppets. They look so cheerful peeking out of the top of a Christmas stocking:


The pattern includes 4 sizes of mice–for the workshop we used the medium-size mouse pattern. The class kits started with pre-sewn bodies made from boiled wool and included all the bits and pieces the makers needed for each mouse.


It’s always interesting to work in a group with mixed experience levels. Many in the group had sewing experience but were “rusty”. Many others were very skilled and included some professionals. And there were a couple of complete beginners. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive, with lots of sharing of tips. We mostly agreed that we think toy mice are cute, but don’t really enjoy having real mice in our kitchens and closets.


Once the mice were assembled with their ears, arms, eyes, noses and whiskers, the costuming got underway. So many individual adorable characters were created!


One little mouse actually got its own bandana and backpack:


…and there were some quite stylish characters created:


…some even with golden cloaks and fur coats:

gold mink

There was exuberant laughter at the imagination of some of the participants as we enjoyed each others’ creations.


Some of the little mice are destined for Christmas trees, some will become part of a wonderful grandmother’s crafting kit with her grandchildren, and some will be special one-of-a-kind gifts for some very lucky children.


Everyone took home materials to make one more mouse at home, so I’m pretty sure that this is only the beginning of a happy mouseful holiday season.

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