Big Scrap Crow Success! Toys from the Scrapbasket at Ragfinery


Whenever I design a new pattern and plan a new workshop, I’m always hopeful (obviously) that I’ll be happy with the creature and that the makers in the workshop will be able to successfully recreate the design. But I can never be quite sure of how things will turn out until the workshop happens. So I was kind of ecstatic with the results of the “Little Scrap Crow” workshop at Ragfinery in Bellingham on October 13.

I’d worked out a new technique for making legs and feet that can be added to a stuffed crow body. It was a new challenge for me, and after experimentation, I found the best results using hardware store wire or brown florist wire to make the unit. I planned to let people choose to make a crow finger puppet (easier) or to continue with adding the legs and feet to make a standing crow figure. Either corvid could be dressed up in the costuming materials.


Each place was set up with a kit of  patterns and materials, and everyone got to work to fashion their crows. There was a wide range of sewing experience in the group, from zero to expert. I love the spirit of community in Ragfinery workshops. People were so helpful to each other, sharing their tips as we went along. There’s something so cozy about crafting together in a warm supportive atmosphere.


Although I was expecting the less-experienced stitchers to make finger puppet crows (the less challenging project) everyone in the class opted to make the legs and feet and set them in. And absolutely everyone was successful. A complete murder of crows was created!


I was so proud of everyone’s accomplishments and so happy to see the variety of charming creatures that went home from the workshop that day. And since almost all the materials we used were rescued from the textile waste stream, it was a great upcycling project–extra credit!

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