Sweet, Simple Lavender Sachet DIY for Mother’s Day – free patterns

Lavender sachets - free patterns

If you’re looking around for something to make for a Mother’s Day gift (or anytime, anyone, really), this is an easy and rewarding project. I’m a big fan of sachets–this is my second DIY sachet post. Sachets are great for drawers, closets, shoes, cars, next to your workspace or your pillow, wherever you want to add pleasant scents to the surroundings. My previous project used precious scraps and trinkets to make luxurious little sachets based on a 1920s lingerie-drawer esthetic. You can see those here. One of those would pamper a luxury-loving mum.

But this time I wanted to use the same patterns with a more homespun and cozy feeling, using materials in a neutral palette. I filled them all with lavender, and I wish I could send the scent to you across the web. My lavender is 3 years old but it’s still going strong after being stored it in a sealed bag. If the scent starts to fade, you can refresh it multiple times with a few gentle squeezes. And when the scent ultimately disappears, you can either refill a sachet with fresh botanicals or add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for another round of use. My go-to online supplier is SF Herb Company, but you can likely get potpourri ingredients wherever bulk herbs are sold.

There are patterns for 3 classic sachet shapes: heart, boxy, and what started out to as a diamond shape and ended up to be a “posy cone”. If you’d like to try these, you can download a free copy of the patterns here. The fabrics I used were some linen scraps and an upholstery sample. You can make these either on the sewing machine or by hand-stitching. Backstitching is recommended if you choose to sew by hand, since you’ll need a strong seam to keep the contents secured inside. In keeping with the country look, you can leave them plain, or simply tie them up with twine or yarn.

Lavender sachets - free patterns - heart with twine.png

But why stop there? It’s so easy to add another embellishment to the sachet. I’ve been getting ready to give a workshop at Raginery in Bellingham this coming Saturday. It’s a drop-in, donation-basis workshop, making simple fabric flowers from scraps. (Please do come and join us if you’re in town. You can whip up a gift and still have time to go to the Procession of the Species afterwards.)

Simple fabric flowers workshop - for sachets.

The flowers were originally designed to go on cards, but aren’t they the perfect addition to one of these little lavender puffs? They are so simple to make–just tear off a strip of fabric about 1 1/2 inches wide, maybe about 18 inches long, and gather along the long edge with a running stitch. You can cut and tatter the “petals” as much as you like, or add a button or “stamens” to the center.

Lavender sachets - free patterns - with fabric flowers

Make one into an award for “Best Mom” (or “Silliest Pseudo-Mom”, or whatever is appropriate in your family) by adding another strip, folded in half, with pointed ends.

This is such a pleasant craft–you’re surrounded by wonderful smells as you work! If you make one of these (or many), please share your results. I’d love to see what you make.

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