Making Little Scrap Rabbits @Ragfinery

Toymaking workshop 4/6/2019 Ragfinery

What a lovely afternoon we had last Saturday, making up a batch of little scrap rabbits! Everyone started with a kit with everything needed to make a bunny.


We got down to business, making up the bodies from pre-sewn starts. I had done the machine stitching ahead of time, so everything at the workshop could be done with glue and hand-stitching.

Ragfinery Mary sews

Ears, arms, and eyes were attached, and then the faces were finished with noses and whiskers.

Ragfinery bunny body

With 9 workshop participants, there was a range of sewing experience in the room, from crafters who were sewing for the first time to experienced needleworkers, and everyone succeeded with their rabbits.

Next it was time for a break and some browsing for costume inspirations.


Then, costumes!

Ragfinery everyone sews

I had 3 wishes for the afternoon: 1-that everyone would leave the workshop with a rabbit they felt good about, 2- that everyone felt like it was easy to make the bunnies, and that they felt confident about making more at home, and 3- that hopefully, everyone could feel inspired to continue trying other kinds of toymaking now that the basics had been demystified.

And I think all three of my wishes came true–look at what the class produced:


Adorable downturned ear accent, exuberant tulle shawl, and (very creative touch!) a miniature paper crane accent


Vest with bead “buttons”, multi-layered tunic + decorated basket, confident bunny with gathered. pleated skirt and lacy bonnet


Issey Miyake pleats on a bitty bunny, my flowery after-workshop thank-you rabbit, and a hand-sewn lacy costume with lace rosette accent.

I’m so pleased with the results! All the rabbits are cute, and each of them showed such creativity in their costumes. One bunny has already been sent on to a lucky 4-year-old, and another workshop participant plans to make up a batch of bunnies that she’ll invite her granddaughter to help her costume. Fun!

If you’d like to make these bunnies, you can buy an instantly downloadable pattern for the rabbits and their costumes from my store here.

My next scheduled workshop will be completely different–I’m looking forward to giving a workshop in Teddy Bear Repair at the Blaine Library in June. Stay tuned for more about that soon.



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