Free Pattern for Cat-themed Valentine’s Day DIY Crafting

Cat Puppet Free Pattern Valentines

It’s time for another round of my articulated paper cat pattern – using the pattern to make more cat-themed Valentines for family and friends.

I’ll admit these are really corny sentiments…but that’s in the tradition of goofy valentines, right? Maybe you can come up with something better, but these have been fun to work on, as potentially groan-inducing as they are.

My idea was to attach each articulated cat puppet to the valentine with a removable glue dot so the recipient could take it off and keep the cat as a reminder that they’re in my thoughts. And I wanted to try to make some different styles from the pretty kitties I’ve made in the past. So here are the results, ready for me to write personal messages and send them off:

You’re the cat’s pajamas. This one is what I want to call a ransom-note rebus, with lots of collaged elements.

Cats Pajamas Free Pattern Valentine

You’re my PURRFECT valentine. Reusing part of a fancy invitation, I made the cat from a vintage-style prophecy board game. I added sushi grass and a fun Japanese printed paper to create a pretty crazy card that will be just right for a certain someone. Upcycle!

Purrfect Free Pattern Cat Valentine

The cat’s out of the bag. At first I thought this cat would turn out to be a robot, since I used a matte metallic paper and square brads, but it didn’t end up being too techy after all, so I left it simple.

Cat out of the Bag Free Pattern Valentine

You’re the cat’s meow. This one is pretty much a standard card, foldover blue with another prophecy board cat and red paper lace.

Cats Meow Free Pattern Valentine

If you’d like to try your hand at using these little paper cat puppets to send valentine messages, download the free pattern.  And if you’re interested in articulated paper figures, there’s a lot more to explore on my original post.

If you make some cat valentines, let me know your ideas, no matter how corny!

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