DIY luxurious lavender sachets – lovely & easy for gifts or to keep – free patterns

Velvet and satin lavender sachets

Sachets probably go back to the beginning of humans–the impulse to dry and keep sweet-smelling flowers and herbs in our nests seems intrinsic. We can still find centuries-old recipes for sachet fillings—this is a timeless and gentle craft to enjoy. Sachets can be used to scent drawers, closets, and linens, and it’s easy to think of people on your gift list who would be delighted with one.

Recently I made a batch of sachets for the Petaluma Art and Garden fair using silk velvets, satins, ribbons, and Provencal lavender, a great exercise in using precious scraps and trinkets. I was inspired by imagining a luxurious vintage lingerie drawer, maybe from the 1920s, with these little packets nestled in amongst treasured dainties, adding their distinctive sweet scent.

I made patterns for 3 classic sachet shapes: heart, boxy, and what started out to as a diamond shape and ended up to be a “posy cone”. All are filled with French Provençal lavender, and they smell divine. I used silk velvet, burnout velvet, dupioni silk, and silk brocade for the sachets, then raided my stash of notions and trims for ribbon flowers, vintage millinery flowers, charms, buttons, and ribbons to finish them off.

If this sounds enticing, you can download a copy of the patterns here.

Sachets link to free pattern

Here are some of my results:

Orange silk velvet posy cone with vintage millinery velvet fruit and leaves

Velvet cone lavender sachet orange

Burgundy velvet heart with cording and millinery fruit­

Burgundy silk velvet heart lavender sachet

Silk brocade with gold trim and key charm

Silk brocade lavender sachet key

Orange silk velvet heart with puffy ribbon bow

Velvet heart lavender sachet orange

Do you have a favorite filling for sachets or a sachet design or story to share? Let’s hear from you…

3 thoughts on “DIY luxurious lavender sachets – lovely & easy for gifts or to keep – free patterns

    • Thank you–I’m so glad you like them! After saving lovely tidbits of fabrics (and small-but-treasured notions) it feels good to be able to use them in a way that you can see almost everyday (if they end up in your drawer). And they make great gifts, too. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did!


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