French General Workshop August 8: La Fête des Animaux


Babs and I are teaming up again to teach a workshop at French General on August 8, “La Fête des Animaux”. We have an adorable lineup of finger puppets ready for a summer picnic. Styled like vintage storybook characters, these little dressed animals are about 5 inches tall and made from washed wool fabric.


We’ve already done the machine sewing to get things started. We’ll be providing all the patterns, but the workshop will focus on the handwork skills to bring to life five different animals (bunny, duck, piglet, mouse, and bluebird).  Here’s a picture from our work day in Babs’ Petaluma studio:


We’ll start from these pre-sewn bodies, then practice the traditional toymaking techniques to turn the blank beginnings into animal characters.Bunny-duck-undressed

Once we’re ready for costuming, students will dig through our stash (fabric, rick-rack, lace, ribbons, feathers, tiny flowers, etc.) and dress up the puppets. All the materials to finish the characters shown in the photos will be provided, but we’ll be bringing more options as well, so students can let their creativity reign when it comes to the final costuming.

Accessories like banners, pennants, parasols, and baskets will add the finishing touch or perhaps personalize the animals for a special occasion or a special person.


French General will be including is a delicious lunch at our midday break to invigorate us for an afternoon of creative fun. To sign up, here’s the French General site. You need to go to the “Workshops” tab and then find us in the menu on the right:


The workshop will run 11am-4pm, and the cost is $95.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment below. We’d love to see you there!

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